Is there any device that exists that would amplify the signal coming straight from my guitar enough so that i can plug directly into the "line-in" port of my soundcard without any need for a proper amplifier? This would be so that I can use Amplitube more efficiently (Amplitube doesn't take too kindly to microphone input, at least the mic input on my $12 soundcard...).
You want to amplify the sound without using an amplifier =S

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You want to amplify the sound without using an amplifier =S

You obviously didn't read my post correctly...I want to amplify the signal without using my full blown combo amp (this is what I meant by "proper amplifier"...sorry if thats what confused you). Just need to amplify the signal up to an appropriate level for "line-in"....I guess you could call it like pre-amplification. My computer will be doing the power amplification. What I need is to just boost it up slightly so I can actually use the line-in port. If nobody knows what I'm talking about, then I give up here...
Try to grab a second hand Lexicon MPX-100, MPX-110, they get passed around for roughly $30-$50.

20 bit AD convertor, line out, preamp bybass, S/P-DIF optical output.

This little unit really shines straight out of the box, but, with just one simple mod you'll get a huge authoritative sound like coming out from $5000 studio preamp:
- replace the input and output caps with big .39 polypropylene film caps.
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M-Audio AUDIO BUDDY (small pre-amp) is great - 2 inputs with a Gain Controls for each one - I own one and it definitely will give you more OOOMPH when plugged into your computer's sound card...


I used mine for awhile on my Mac and it gave me more gain and a "fatter sound". Now I'm using a Zoom G2 direct into my Mac and it does the same thing - I set it for a CLEAN sound when I use Amplitube and Guitar Rig software and also use the built-in amps sims too on the Zoom (using my DAW - Logic Express)... the Zoom G2 was $99 and plugged in direct gives me loads of amps and also a tuner and drum machine - the drum machine has a "tap" feature to select the timings I need and actually sounds good when used with my recording software... I did discover it sounds good with SS amps but on my 2 vintage tube amps it sounds kinda crappy so I stick with analog pedals for tubers - namely a TS-7 Tubescreamer and an OD pedal - I bought a BOSS DS-1 but it cheapens the sound of my tube amps too so I gave it to a 14-year old neighbor along with a Fender Frontman I had so he could start learning Rock & Roll!
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You can use your amp line/recording/heaphone out through the soundcard. I use it with the Microcube on the cleans models and work fine with Amplitube. Also you can use a overdrive pedal through the soundcard(make sure doesn't suck tone), put the gain knob to zero and use the level knob to adjust the amount of signal you want to get.
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