Hi everyone!

I have a (cheaper than Fender) stratty-guitar, and i was bored so i thought it might be interesting to take the scratchplate off and have a look inside the bowels of the beast. Well it was very interesting an' all, but upon screwing the scratchplate back on after my little adventure it appears that most of the small screws (not the pickup screws) on the 'outside' side (the one with the interesting twiddly knobs if thats a bit vague) will happily fit in their cosy holes but won't screw in and my scratchplate isn't properly secure as i can lift it up

Now i won't pretend im a guitar expert to any degree, but i guess this is caused wearing down of the ridges (sorry, forgot the highly technical word) inside the 'pit' for the screw. There may be a really simple way to combat this and it might just be somehing that every guitarist experiences and can deal with in a second - but I can't - yet Will i have to fill in the holes and re-drill them??

Thanks a bunch for still reading to this point, and if you are you are probably the really helpful type who is willing to help a poor little noob along in life... any help would be VERY much appreciated!!! thank you!!