Can someone explain me how to practice tremolo picking?
I saw a friend of mine do it, and it is f***ing nice!
I'm trying, but I don't think I have the right technique. I'm not sure.

It would be cool if I got some tips from you guys!

im pretty sure its just sped up alternate picking.

hold your plectrum tight and at the right angle, and practise your timing more than anything.
One big thing that helped me is remember.

The movement is actually in your arm, like you elbow up.
NOT your wrist and fingers, like most picking.

and maybe I'm wrong, but the search button is something to keep in mind when picking fast.
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Just practice alternate picking on one string. Start out striking the string on the down stroke then on the up stroke. Start out slow. Basically just keep practicing. It'll come to you more and more. When tremlo picking you don't have to use all of the pick also. Use the very tip of the pick.
try using just the very tip of the pick... sorry i can't help more... i'm awesome at tremolo picking, but it's just kind of natural for me
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Also the pick shouldn't flail around the string, it's a tiny motion at the tip of the pick back and forth.