My pedalboard:

Big Muff PI USA
Ds-2 Turbo Distortion
Behringer HB-01 WAH
Ibanez LU 10 Tuner

I'm just wondering if it's ok that i have 2 distortion pedals and no for example delay or chorus? What would be my next pedal if I mostly play Red Hot Chili Peppers and i'm a huge fan of John Frusciante's solo stuff... What is the best for me now? I have a Marshall MG250 DFX and Epiphone Les Paul Studio and Fender Stratocaster 62' reissue(loving it) Maybe those who play Chilis can show me their pedalboard? Pictures are welcome Sory for my English Respect for my hero R_H_C_P
it's fine to have two distortions and no delay or chorus. unless you want delay or chorus. then I would suggest getting them. There's no rules when it comes to this kind of stuff. As far as fruciante's solos go, I would suggest maybe getting a flanger.
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