Okay so I was working my way through the enter sandman solo and i came across a problem present in all solo versions:


Basically comparing this to what it is on the track, it does not add up. To play along with the track on that bit you'd have to be going INSANELY fast.

Plus after slowing down the track and listening to that bit, I think its safe to say this part of the tab is wrong.

I think its something like, all 12's on high e with varying wah. (no 15's on B)

Or maybe bending the 12 a couple times?


On this video he appears to be doing something else, much like my second theory: bending the 12 a couple times.

I hope you understood this, please help.

I forget what it sounds like, but assuming the bend is correct, you can always just bend the 15 up to the 17 and play the 17, instead of skipping up to the 12 on the high E string. It's the same note anyway.
this is what I hear


it helps to think of it in two different phrases, I separated with "|" above... notice the two phrases are slightly different

I only did the beginning of the third phrase, after that he stops bending and starts hitting other notes

to do it fluidly requires good bending strength in fret hand, also alternate picking of course