Do you think it's okay to play guitar with your thumb?
I've been playing for about a year using only my thumb, it seems to work fine but know i have trouble playing with a pick
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It's ok for strumming, but if you ever want to get into faster playing it's pretty much impossible to do with just your thumb. Keep doing what you like, but try the pick too just so you can get used to it for later. Also try fingerpicking (using your thumb, index, middle and ring fingers)-sounds really good on acoustic.
yeah thumbs fine if you use other fingers too, like jeff beck, who switched from a pick to fingers.
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wes montgomery rarely strayed from his trusty thumb. though i would suggest strumming some. thumb gives alot of bass and gets a bit boomy at times.
its called finger picking, man (if you use your other fingers). there is a whole musical style based around it.
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Of course you can.

When I first started, I only used my fingers; I hated the pick. Now I use the pick nearly exclusively, but also hybrid pick with my middle, ring, and pinky fingers as well.

You can do anything without a pick as you can with one. I can tremolo pick with my fingers if necessary; learn to do both, it'll only help.
Wrong fourm, should go into Guitar and bass basics or specific guitar forums (electric or accoustic)

As for the question, I'd say that thumb alone sucks.... fingerpicking is nice but you've gotta use all fingers (unless you play ONLY chords loll).... and if you want and "electric" sound, you MUST use a pick(for faster runs aswell)
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i use one of those thumb picks along with my other fingers and that seems to work pretty well

also, the thumb pick can be gripped like a normal pick so the possibility is there if i ever felt the need to shred it up (i play jazz so that doesn't happen that often)
slows you down, but you can do technical things with it
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What music do you play? You can play some nice blues or country guitar with your fingers if you learn to use all of them (Mark Knopfler).
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slows you down, but you can do technical things with it

are you talking about my thumb pick?? or just the thumb because my thumb pick doesn's slow me down at all