Ive looked in the stickies at the amps suggested and the clips of amps but I can find anything I really like (yes, I will try out amps at the weekend, but I want your guys opinions on what to look for).
Basically I should have about £250 to spend on a guitar amp, im looking for something that can give me a nice country sound (similar to that of Chet Atkins in http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8O2sMZGjCjY).
Also would it be better to get a ss,hybrid or all valve amp? I need enough volume to be able to be heard over a drummer, but also low enough volume so I can practise on my own easilly. (I was looking at the Carvin vintage series, they had one all tube amp which could stwich between 5watts and 16 watts I think, something like that would work very well)

Sorry for the long post but thanks for the help
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Hmm at that price maybe something from the Vox Valvetronix series or maybe something by Laney...i don't know too much about Laney but i hear they have a great 15 watt all tube combo...i think it's called the VC-15
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