Soonish I have to play a group piece for AS level music practical, and I have chosen giant steps as it seems a piece that practical for me to pull of. Anyways I have never really preformed jazz peices before, and for this playing I'm using guitar, bass and a pianist. We are all very proffecient in our instrument, and comfortable with what we are playing but I am still unsure about how well its all going to come together. My plan was to have piano playing just the bare chords, maybe occasional inversions and passing notes, the bass taking the head of the piece and maybe chord tones, and the gutiar taking most of the saxaphone solos.
Throughout the piece though, positions would shift, and lets say for example the guitar could take over the head and the bass could play solo passages, or maybe the piano could add some of the head into the chords at times. If anyone has had any experience with doing things like this any advice on how to unify the performance and pull of this piece greatly appreciated. Also a copy of the head if u dont know it

Well, I'm not sure if I understand how you understand it, but typically jazz heads like these are played like so: Head melody, solos over head, head melody (out). The bass should typically walk in 4 while the piano plays the chords (and in Giant Steps, the chords are played to the rhythm of the melody, at least in the head). You can have the bass play melody but I'd suggest to bring it out more, have the guitarist play the melody. Also, typically, the person who plays the head solos first.

EDIT: Ah, looking at your lead sheet, you seem to need some direction. Play up to the first ending. On the repeat, the solo section starts. Through each solo, keep going to the first ending (each soloist plays over the entire head once or more, however long you want it to be). Then when you play the head again for the out head, skip the first ending and go straight to the second ending.
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since the head is mostly chord tones i figured it could be re used through the piece as the head seems to mostly just describe the chords. I didnt know about the head and soloing first, I just assumed these things where just rough guides on performance, but I'll ahve to keep it in mind. So would the ending be a return to the begining in a sense ?thnx
Read my edit for a road map.
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thnx for that that was something i wouldnt have been able to figure out on my own. now to search for a quality transcription of the solo as it seems all of the guitar ones dont quite have all of the grace notes.