My college english professor gave us an assignment to write a 1-2 page short story for our midterm. The catch was we had to choose from a list of categories, each containing three elements which had to be in your story. I got stuck with a college freshman, dead parents, and the clue, this seemed to me like she wanted me to write a mystery and I didn't want to. So this is what I came up with, she enjoyed it when I read it in class, now I want to see what someone else thinks...

With The Lights Out

The penetrating rain outside was letting up because it could no longer be heard beating against the freshly shingled roof of the Maddox home. In the dim-lit flash of the intermittent lightning that usually accompanied the first warm spring rain of the year, stood Jay in the threshold of his parents’ bedroom. As the after glow of the lightning hit his face, revealing an expressionless stare reflecting from his tired smoke colored eyes, he sedately walked back into the empty darkness that now took up the entire room. Jay didn’t sleep much anymore; he had recently become a full-time college freshman and divided his free time between partying and studying.

Now after what had just happened, Jay wasn’t sure if he’d ever be able to sleep again. The horrible thoughts of the last fifteen minutes would haunt him for the rest of his, soon to end, life. The scariest thing was that fifteen minutes was all it took to commit the deed, and then clean up afterwards. No sooner than he had switched off the light and stepped back into the hallway, his conscience rushed back to him like an instant wake up call. All at once, Jay was suddenly realizing the exact gory details of what he’d done.

Fifteen minutes prior to this moment Jay had calmly and quietly walked into his parents’ bedroom and gently slit each of their throats with a large knife his father kept under the bed while they were sleeping. He was so gentle in fact that his mother would never have awakened, if she hadn’t heard his father gasp. Jay had then flipped the light on to “sweep” the scene; he politely arranged them both back into a comfortable position, and pulled the covers over them. After accepting the feeling of warm blood on his hands, all he could mutter in a mere whisper, as if they could have heard him anyway, “I’m sorry, I don’t know how it came to this.” Jay turned to walk away, taking one last glance at his handy work, which still lay in bed as if they were sleeping. He left them to rest peacefully in the dark, and then awkwardly fumbled his way back into the living room where his college Algebra book still lay open on the coffee table where he’d been studying less than an hour before.

In the light, he seemed cold and calculating, precise in what he’d done, but with the lights out and the realization set in, his conscience was eating him alive. Jay lit a cigarette, took only one drag, and left the rest to burn up in the ashtray. With tears forming in his eyes, he picked up the phone and shakily dialed his girlfriend Alexa’s number. “Lexi baby, I have no real explanation for what I’ve done. No amount of I’m sorry’s can fix this. I love you, even though now I have to leave you,” was the message Jay solemnly left on her answering machine. Suddenly like the rain outside, his tears ceased up and he collected himself enough to dial the police. As calmly as he had entered his parents’ room, Jay explained what he’d done detail for detail. He even told them he’d wait for them on the front porch, and then he hung up. His call would be the only clue they would need.

And yes I ripped the title right out of "Teen Spirit"
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creepy. and if thats what you were going for good job. i liked it.
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yeah I didn't wanna write a crappy mystery type story, so I turned the main character into a psycho instead.
I massacre the guitar but make beautiful music in the process. Grunge lives through me!