hold the 12 with your pointer still, and bend the 14 with your mid and ring
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pick a different solo.

and the fret problem

use your pointer to finger the 12
and use your middle and ring fingers to bend the G string 14 away from the b string.
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I thought you needed three fingers to bend.

Unless you're bending two or three strings really far up there like in the F*cking Hostile solo then you only need one..
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The best "first solo" i've ever found is Highway to Hell by AC/DC, it's not too fast and it's a perfect example of an effective solo using basic pentatonic stuff. It's a good introduction to several bending techniques too, doublestop-bends, unison bends, pre-bends etc.

If you're just learning the minor pentatonic you can see exactly how it relates to the solo, and you don't need to be particularly fast to pull it off. Just had a nosey at the cocaine tab and it's way to tricky. It's not impossible, but it'd take ages to learn and it'd be a pretty frustrating time. You'll be able to nail Highway to Hell in no time...to be honest there's a few good AC/DC solos if you're just starting to attempt them, Touch Too Much is pretty straightforward too, You Shook Me All Night Long is a bit trickier but a good one to step up too if you've nailed the other two.
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I thought you needed three fingers to bend.

Not quite.

It is easier, but since you only have 4 fingers available and you need to be covering 4 frets it is easier just to use your pointer for the 12th and you ring and pinky (or middle if you prefer) to bend the 14th.

For a first solo, I suggest going for something like Smells like teen spirit, Dani California or Shook me all night long which are all very easy solo's.
Good first solo. I am currently learning White Stripes - Seven Nation Army. It's easy enough and it's recognisable.
try shiny happy people by rem or power of love by huey lewis and the news.
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