I'm in need of new gear which is pretty simple I'm getting a new amp through selling my current one, anyway I'm making 3 smokey amps, 3 little gem amps and 3 grace overdrive's to sell (I'm also keeping one of each, i'm making four of each in total).

I can definately get £20 through sellign two smokeys, and I can get about £20-£25 through selling two grace's.

But I'm asking you guys A)If these are reasonable selling prices (i'm not going any lower than those) and B)How much I should sell the rest for?

(BTW, Smokey amps are battery amps in a smoke packet, little gem's are battery powered amps (better than smokeys, they have gain and vol control and there're some mods i could do to them) and a Grace Overdrive is a simple overdrive, more info is on runoffgroove.com and you can find out about smokeys by googling it)