A short song, made up of three main verses which are broken up by music. So few lyrics but a finished song. Let me know what you think

'Little Black Clouds'

I’m sitting up here but I’m on my own
Little black clouds spinning round my throne
Raindrops falling and I should have known
I’m sinking like a stone
And now they come just to tease me
Little black clouds could never please me
Raindrops falling start to freeze me
Cold here on my own

And now the sun’s wrapped around my head
Little black clouds rain on you instead
Because of all the lies that you know you said
You can never be too high

And all I know is one girl's lust
Little black clouds that I die to trust
But are they gold or are they filled with dust?
I can never be so sure
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OK I've just edited it by adding a final verse, I'd love to know what people think!
it could use a lot of work... the last part was really good, it was my favorite but the rest was simple and seemed a little weak... i would suggest a different rhyme scheme to give you a better choice of words to use...
pretty good...
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