Hi, I have a friend who wants to buy a guitar. He likes Epiphone Les Pauls, but I told him to stay away because he is into metal. I did the same thing and bought a Les Paul and I wish I hadn't because of the lack of upper fret access and playability form fast metal. But he insists because he is a fan of Zakk Wylde. So, here is what he is looking for. Les Paul or something similar. Budget is $400-$500 in Canadian dollars.
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esp ec-50?
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ESP LTD's are nice, but only the more expensive models, like the EC400 (minimum) or higher. All of ltds 50's has sh*tty tuning stability, and rather poor sound because of cheaper materials.

Tell him to save up and then start looking for guitars. Just a couple of hundred bucks more can do alot.
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I did recommend Agile..I've been thinking of getting one, screw the upper fret access, they are so damn cheap and nice too! But he isn't allowed to purchase online.
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Just tell him to get and Epiphone Les Paul standard plain top and change the pickups.

He'll learn to play, even with the lack of upper fret access.