Hey dudes and dudettes. (And dude-dudettes if your names Godofshred).

I'm looking for a sound that I can only assume is a big muff. Heard on stuff like 'today' by smashing pumpkins, the ending of glosoli by sigur ros, a kinda super saturated sound with basically little to no pick noise.

I've narrowed it down to either a rat, big muff or possibley some kinda fuzz.


I play shoegaze/alt rock if that helps.
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if you do get a muff, dont get the russian one, their not good for anything except lead.
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Thanks for the advice. This is going to be purely for slamming rythms. And not in the Zakk Wylde MG way. Eww. No metal.
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Woohoo, I love you Ped!
Uhm, the Russian ones aren't that bad. It's actually what you prefer. The US one is more fuzzier than the Russian. You just have to try both out.

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Sigur Ros, the guitarist uses a voilin bow, which is why you cant hear the attack on the strings, but the actual heavy saturated dist im not sure what Sigur Ros used.

And yes, Smashing Pumpkins use the big muff on that song.