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So the Battle of the Bands is coming up at meh school and I want to play in it. I'm pretty much the balls at guitar but I don't have a band to battle with. I'm looking for a sick song that maybe I could just rip and maybe I could get my friend to drum along. This no band thing is an ongoing problem for me but considering its senior year and the last BoB I really would like to play. Probably something fast, heavy, and ridiculous. Maybe a nice classical peice that I could metalfy? I don't know I'm lost. Help.

Any idears?
Canon Rock by JerryC. Pachabells Canon shredified
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yeah dude some 'tallica and as much as i pains me to say, megadeth.
or you could play crazy train if you can play the solo.
i don't care what u play but take a break in between the songs and play Eruption
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if its just you i guess dragonforce is outta the question...mettlish...metallica, pantera, megadeth, or if depending on your audience is mainstream day!
oo ya, JerryC - Canon Rock is fun to listen to
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Play "Welcome" by Slipknot.
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Beat Happening seems down your alley.
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Yeah I refuse to play to an audience with Green Day or some shit. Vai or Satriani, Canon Rock, I love Megadeth but most of it has too much accompaniment.
If you have some friends in the crowd play Crowd Chant by Joe Satriani, and have them sing the chorus parts. Also, maybe Surfing With The Alien or some other fast paced instrumental like that would work good.
"Psalm of Lydia"-Nevermore

That's pretty good. Just get the drummer to learn some double bass (if he/she can't), and play the intro and the sweep parts, maybe play further in. Nonetheless, the whole song is awesome, so playing anything, whether it be the whole songs or just the intro, it will be great.
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you need to get in a band first.

edit: you should play Rape Me, lol, I can just imagine the look on your teacher's faces.
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Beat Happening seems down your alley.

Beat Happening are the shit man I love them.
If it's just you, play "Midnight" by Satriani, if it sounds good it'll turn some heads...
If you find a drummer, "Angel of death" by Slayer because the solos at the end are seriously fun to play and if the drummer is up to hammering out the double bass till the end it makes your group look pretty impressive.
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Vai? satrian?

Yeah, he could play that Vai song, "the audience is listening", where the teacher keeps telling him to turn it down and then he turns it up to 11.

Thanks these are good songs and good advise. Im leaning toward the Satriani bits. And for 13579ed, I've been trying to form/find a band for years but literally NOBODY that lives around me likes the same music or plays their instrument well enough to play in a band.
Any Metallica, Slipknot's always good, but for BoB I'd recommend Metallica.
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I just listened to Crowd I'd love to do that. Cooperation is necessary but with a little magic (and a lot of friends in the crowd) it could happen. Thanks.
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Thanks these are good songs and good advise. Im leaning toward the Satriani bits. And for 13579ed, I've been trying to form/find a band for years but literally NOBODY that lives around me likes the same music or plays their instrument well enough to play in a band.

Sorry about that, I have also been trying to start a band and know how hard they are to get started. I should have given my statement more thought.

Edit: I still think that Rape Me would work quite well, lol, jk.
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Necrophagist - Symbiotic in Theory
Behold... the Arctopus - Alcoholocaust

..... >_>

Metallica always works.
One time at a battle of the bands style arrangement i played number of the beast by zwan on my own after playing with my band. It worked great, aha i didnt win but surprsingly my band did

P.S its surprising because we play black metal not because we suck
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You could try Glasgow Kiss by John Petrucci, but you'd probably need a bassist or rhythm guitarist.
deff canon rock... im planning to play canon too at my talent show :P or eruption...cant go wrong with those
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I just listened to Crowd I'd love to do that. Cooperation is necessary but with a little magic (and a lot of friends in the crowd) it could happen. Thanks.

No problem dude. A lot of the song is quite easy to play, so you should be able to get it down before the BOTB.
Glasgow Kiss could work. I'd just need to rock out the delay pedal and have my friend do a little drumming. Also Alcoholocaust is definitely plausible. I'd have to make a set, so a lot of these songs could work. Angels of Death would be good too but that might require more parts. I liked that Necrophagist song too but I don't know if the accompaniment would work. Thanks for the advice guys, its really opened me up to some great songs that would work either solo or with a drum. If you have any more suggestions, keep them coming. I like the particular caste of complexity you all have been suggesting (Petrucci, Satriani, Slayer, etc.). Thanks again.
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Eric Johnson's Cliffs of Dover is always a favourite, but perhaps that's not heavy enough...

Or maybe Satriani's One Big Rush, Surfing with the Alien, The Extremist...

Vai's Tender Surrender ( ) and Juice!
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can you sing and play at the same time (i cant) but if you can that greatly increases the number of songs avaliable to you
I agree with Glasgow Kiss, and I'd also pick Wishful Thinking by Petrucci, although you'd need another guitarist


Forget solos. If you want to make a big impression on your audience who dont know crap about rock then try sum 41 or blink 182 songs. Sounds absurd?
Turn on MTV and the first rock band youd see would be Fall Out Boy. Thats always the case when they release a new album... thats the magic of power chords, get everyone fooled. Audience prefer heavy energizing power chords to super fast shreds. The case gets reversed when you play in front of guitarists though. So depends on your audience but most likely most of them dont play guitar so go with pop punk bands such as Sum 41.
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you gotta try super colossal by Satch, it's a little tricky, but it would really make people go insane
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maybe some Paul Gilbert/Racer X/Mr. Big,

Scarified, Technical Difficulties, Addicted to that Rush,
Get Out of My Yard,

and +1 to all Stave Vai and Satriani suggetsions...

Our band is doing "Long live rock n roll". The Steeldragon version.

Ohh yooou need a song. Do anything by Black Label Society. And record it. and youtube it.
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