Ok, looking at all the angles:

I CAN'T try these pedals cos no where anywhere near me has em'.

I can only afford The Weeping demon OR the Zakk sig. (cos they're both around £70)

I HAVE to use it with my digitech metal master pedal cos my 65watt amp has no distortion on it, and I can't afford to buy a new distortion pedal or amp.

Ok so, I've used a Dunlop Cry Baby (the £50 one) but yeah; it even says in the manual it can't handle heavy distortion - wasn't meant to.

The Weeping Demon and Zakk sig are both metal wah pedals; I've seen reviews from each and I'm just stuck! Help, lol.

ive only used the weeping demon, my friends has one and ive used it uite a bit.. Its defintly worth the 70$. it can have some crazy highs and metal punch, as far as the other no clue.
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I heard a demo of the Rocktron Black Cat; which seems pritty sweet; dunno how it'd go with the other pedal.

As opposed to MidnightSun, I've only used the Zakk wah pedal, and it's friggin' awesome. From what I've heard it's better in every way than the Weeping Demon. Before I'd make a purchase, though, I'd check out the Dimebag Crybaby From Hell and the Slash wah.
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I have the WD-7 and the other guitar player in my band has the Zakk Crybaby. I think I actually like the way his wah sounds more. It sounds more natural, and heavier. Although it could just mean my WD-7 needs to be set better. It could also be the whole "grass is greener on the other side" thing too. But yeah, his crybaby just sounds... more natural than my weeping demon.
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Well as I said I can't try em'; so I figure I'll go with what I know and go 4 the zakk sig - cos my other dunlop was great until I used really heavy distortion - the Zakk sig makes the promis of playability under distortion and I've seen a vid of sum guy using it with heavy distortion - although if I get sum extra cash I'll defo get the Dime.

Cheers ppl.

and stop putting everything in bold


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I wouldn't but the dime wah, because I like the zakk one.
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I like my Weeping Demon. But chances are that's only because I haven't used it up against any other wah pedals.
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(I deleted the other thread.)

I need a wah pedal that'll make sound even when used with a distortion pedal; I think the Dime would do it; cos they sell a dime distortion pedal to use with the wah; but I might not be able to afford the dime.

where can you find a zakk wylde signature wah for around 70 pounds??????? The cheapest ive found is 100 pounds for the zakk wylde
zakk wah. i have it and it is amazing
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