that would only make 3 questions
are you gonna come out with the last one later
as a surprise?
i like surprises!

1. it is a guitar pedal
2. yes you need a guitar cable from guitar>pedal
and one from pedal>amp


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The pedal is garbage.

If you know about metal, unlike electro-harmonix, you'll hate the pedal.

It's weak, trebley, and overpriced.

Don't try:

Boss MT-2
Digitech Metal Zone
Digitech Metal Master
Line 6 Uber Metal

Because! They all suck. If it has "metal" in the name, it's no good.

Nothing beats the onboard distortion of a decent SS (Randall) or tube amp.

If you can't afford a good amp, the best metal pedal (still garbage) is probably the Line 6 Uber Metal... just because it isn't weak. It is pretty digital and lifeless though.