Anyone have any experience with this? I am thinking about trading my half-stack for it.

I play prog-metal, grindcore, thrash.
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I think it will be an improvement over your Crate, but it's not the greatest amp. A lot of people around here dont like it all that much. And im going to admit, its not an AMAZING amp, but its pretty decent. It's an in between amp, that you should definately play before you buy it, but it would be an improvement for sure.
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I Have it, ITs not like "ZOMFG MY PANTS EXPLODED" but its decent.. a budget amp, get what ya pay for
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I suggest a decent OD pedal for it, but overall I like mine. Maybe a noise gate too, especially for high gain stuff, but thats kinda a no brainer for just about any amp using high gain.
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thats extremely loud.....you're gonna need like an attenuator to get good sounds at low volumes
Do you need that much clean headroom?

The 50 watt version is already teeth rattlingly loud.
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I had the 50 watter for about a week and it was pretty weak. i turned it up to about 7 or 8 and it wasnt that loud and also the distortion on it sucks. cleans were great though
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