Alright, I am having a ridicously hard time finding a copy of this book. Its a collection of poems by Uncle Tupelo/Wilco man Jeff Tweedy. The only one I found was a used copy from a seller off of Amazon, whose selling it for $80, which I find to be downright crazy.

It was published and released, as far as I know, in 2004. So its not like its that old, but probably is somewhat of a collectible.

Anyway, can someone please help me find a copy of this? Hoping its not "a whole lot" of money. Ebay was a no go.

Thanks for looking.
(And sorry to all coming into this thread thinking it had something to do with sexuality ).
Ah, im sorry guys. I totally forgot to even look on Wilco's website, where they have it for $10.

Alright, well there we go.
I got mine at the local Barnes & Noble for $12.99.

Great collection of poetry by a great man. I've read it countless times. Never gets old. Black Hours is my personal favorite. Kinda cool to see the evolution of poetic ideas to some of the lyrics to a couple AGIB songs, too.
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Yeah, im not gonna close the thread. Rather talk about it.

Woah, Barnes & Noble? I'll have to look there again, but I remember them not having it. Yeah, I cant wait to read it. Tweedy is a hero of mine, and I love his writing. Both AGIB and Hotel (and Summerteeth too, I guess) are all great albums, but im much more into the Uncle Tupelo-Early Wilco Tweedy.

Anyone else read Adult Head?