So I have a Fender Fat Stratocaster (Mexican made) and it's Midnight Wine. It's really nice, rosewood. And I saw this guitar that Hendrix had, it was in this book about him, and it had like vines and flowers all over it. Then I watched John Mayer's "Who Did You Think I Was?" video, and he was playing a guitar with that design on it (well, same theme...) I was wondering, is this hand painted? And if it is, what kind of paints, and how would you go about doing this on a pickguard or whole guitar? if it's just some kind of stickerish thing, where could I get one? Any helps appreciated, thanks...
It won't be stickers, I can guarantee you that.

It's probably hand-painted since I don't remember any mass produced Fenders with that design (could be wrong though).

Any sort of paint that would work for wood would work, me thinks. You may run into an issue with the finish, though.
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I think you mean paisley patterns.

if so it'll be custom shop hand painted. you could do it yourself, but it'll be difficult.
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