Poll: Which artist would you like to see in concert?
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View poll results: Which artist would you like to see in concert?
Led Zeppelin
12 38%
Black Sabbath
1 3%
Jimi Hendrix
9 28%
2 6%
The Beatles
3 9%
The Who
5 16%
The Rolling Stones
0 0%
0 0%
Elvis Presley
0 0%
Dire Straits
0 0%
Voters: 32.
Some are disbanded and some are still together, but just vote for which one you would want to see.

Please make a post and say why you would want to see them.
jimi hendrix of course but u dont have stevie ray vaughan up there man i would love to have seen stevie ray vaughan
i think he should have stevie ray, the grateful dead, and the police

I am seing the police at dodger stadium, yay me

I'd choose to see Led Zeppelin in concert. Maybe Hendrix. Both I really want to see.
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He had to choose only 10, i am sure we could choose different ones for a lot of them, but he had to choose and of course he left some out, i am surprised there have been no picks for the Beatles yet
Put Skynyrd up, with the all star lineup right before the crash. I'd kill to see them almost any lineup before the crash. I saw them past summer but I wish I coulda seen the original
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Should've made this a multiple choice poll. I would pretty much be voting for all of them.


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Hey Led Zeppelin is my third favorite guitar player, after Pink Floyd and Jethro Tull.
i said The beatles, but i REALLY REALLY WANT TO SEE ERIC CLAPTON!!!
hes coming to Los Angeles soon... but i couldn't get tickets...
my dad was mean about presale and stuff
he was like... "oh. well i have american express so i coulda bought presale... but if i look now, good seats are all gone."
its a pretty bad moment in my life...
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I'd probably take Zeppelin or Hendrix Experience.
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