Going to see the Pink Floyd Laser Spectacular this weekend. Anybody been? How was it?
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I almost went to a floyd laser show last year for "Wish you were here" but I didnt make it
I saw a pink floyd cover band called Comfortably Numb recently. They were pretty good but I'd rather see the laser one.
what happens there. Do you just sit around listening to Floyd and watch multi-colored lasers shoot around?
i went to one a couple of years ago. They gave us these special glasses that make the lasers go all apesh!t.

The background music was a mixture of Pink Floyd songs and then the whole Darkside album synched with wizard of Oz, which played on a screen above.

It's cool.

Some retard almost fell on my girlfriend while we were there and I almost punched him. I didn't because he really was retarded. HaHa - Good times.
is it that cool? i've seen some videos on the laserspectacular site and it doesn't seem fun at all....

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