Poll: Are people on youtube nice or not?
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Yes, people on YOUTUBE are friendly.
6 19%
No, people on YOUTUBE are complete a$$holes.
26 81%
Voters: 32.
I use Youtube for music videos.

I care not for all the dumbasses looking for 15 min. of fame.
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Quote by JC13
Just curious, why did you make "YouTube" in all capital letters on the poll?

I really dont know...
I cant choose becuase theres both, but for the most part, the general population of YouTubeians are complete assholes
Quote by DownbëloW
Don't you love all the stupid buttFvckers on youtube? How about a poll, eh?

For some reason that made me laugh alot.
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Yeah, it's a mix of both. On most of the videos I've posted, I get a generally positive response, but there's always a few people who just wanna piss people off. I'd say it's a mix of 55% assholes, 40% nice people, and 5% undecided.
Thus sayeth the Lord.

Some of the commentors are nice, some of them are assholes.

Same as the rest of the Internet.