Alright, I have had this song for a while, but I always wanted to do more with it, hopefully this time I did. Its pretty long, about 7 minutes so I understand that you don't listen to it all, but skimming is just fine, as long as you give some feedback. It sure was fun recording it, It still needs some touching up, better mixing, and sorry for that "bass" I don't have a real bass so i used my guitar instead. But thanks for listening. Crit for Crit just leave me some links.

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Not a fan of your tone.Sometimes too pearcing.It seems inapropriate for the song.So sample different sounds for your rhythem and you should find one thats a lot warmer and fuller.The use of effects were nice.The echo on the drums are cool.Haven't heard anyone do that in a while.There are timing issues and sloppiness on the rythm guitar at parts.This obviously needs vocals but I don't think you needed me to tell you that.

Get a bass.You won't regret it if you plan on recording full band songs again.It will make your music sound much fuller than faking it..Plus it's fun.

The overall feel of the song is great,You just need to clean it up.And yes,I listened to the whole thing.

Here is mine.

A Dying Sky
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I liked the ideas here, but remember that there's always room for development in songwriting. Some of the stuff got a bit boring but this is your song, so you write it the way you want. Anyway, if you want to make your song sound more "professional", you might want to be more accurate on the actual playing. Both of the guitars were somewhat sloppy. So concentrate on them. The overall sound of this track is quite good. No hissing or other noise. Keep it up!
Oww that first guitar sounds really badly out of tune, and the tone is quite piercing like someone said.. You really need to get that sorted. Clean is ok though.

Hmm, interesting drums here, pity they're MIDI becouse I really like them (the echo bit). I don't like the guitar tone here though, needs to be slighly warmer. The effects-laden guitar sounds really nice, but ow it just sounded out of tune on one chord.

Good work, thoughtful use of effects gave it a nice slighly psychedelic sounds. The guitar playing was generally a bit messy, and some tuning issues, but the second solo is a MASSIVE improvement over the first. The bass sounded decent but I don't have my speakers turned up much so I can't hear it very well. Pity about the MIDI drums but I know theres nothing you can do. Now all you need is vocals!

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Started off with a good Beatle feel, but then the lead guitar killed it for me. The drums to me seemed way too fake. Maybe try to create a drum sound w/ an acoustic guitar.

crit mine
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not bad i enjoyed it, a little sloppy in some places, but the use of effects were good, and drums werent bad either keep it up

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first off, i think you have a really good feel for melody and harmony. there were some great voicings with that warbly guitar and the rhythm. the song just wasn't recorded that well, a lot of parts sounded sloppy or out of time. the lead part near the end was noticeably better though. overall not bad at all, keep working on it man.
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