I went to guitar center today and played a les paul classic through a mesa dual rectifier head and soldano cab. Riffs sounded amazing but some chords sounded completely muddy, and what made me mad was that the sound that i was getting out of my acoustic guitar I just wasn't able to transfer to the electric and maintain the groove of the jam.

i feel like sometimes the tone that i hear in my head just doesn't exist. does anyone know how i feel?

maybe i need to try some fuzz boxes instead of full blown cranked up tube distortion

i felt like the melody of the stuff that i write gets lost in the distortion. i thought that ws just a problem that was endemic to my cheap marshall solid state MG, but i guess not. the problem is that i need the distortion for the riffs and breakdowns by it screws the chords up.
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Quote by DownbëloW
sure that tone exists, if you can afford it.

thats the way it is unfortunately.

I played a Les Paul Studio through a MB Triple rectifier and it sounded ****ing GORGEOUS...maybe it was just my style but idk what happened with the one you played.
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