I think we've all seen it...

The hair over the eyes, or the photoshopped sparklies and skulls made of glitter.
The silly tattoos. 1/16th of the face showing. The peace sign plastered on everything

This thread is going to be a sort of "hall of fame" for the ridiculousness of the common emo picture.

Actual pictures wanted, or a description works just as well I guess.

I had a friend who used to be the common hispanic, for lack of a better word. At the introduction of emo and screamo he posted a mirror picture. What he didnt know was that there was a plate of quesadillas on the counter. The irony...
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this thread confuses me. why don't people just shut up about emo. if you ignore it for long enough it'll probably go away eventually
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*tumbleweed rolls...*
*crickets chirp...*

*Random guy yells out, "You suck!"* (to the threadstarter)
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