Hey, anyone that has a copy of the Da Vinci Code, I need some help. I have an english project due tomorrow worth 10% of my grade, and i cant find my freakin book. i think i lent it to my sister. anyway, i need a theme statement (+ quote), a quote for POV (I know it's third person omnisicent, I just don't have a quote), 3 Stylistic Devices ex: simile, metaphor, alliteration,FLASHBACK, etc. (+ quote for each)

Any help at all would be extremely great, and I would be indebted (sp?) to you forever. Well, a really long time.

edit: also, i need a number of pages. i forgot. i think its somewhere around 700?
hehe. i know. thing is, i might fail. not really, but it wont be pretty. and it was actually due today, but i couldn't do it over the weekend because i didnt have my book. i just thought of asking the brilliant minds here at the pit tonight.
Umm... SparkNotes maybe?

I really can't help you otherwise, mate, I hate Dan Brown.
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yea, their stylistic devices suck (sparknotes). actually, theyre too good. shed never believe i made them up. im not stupid or anything, but those are way out of this class's league

edit: oh, sorry about DP. i found one stylistic device and a quote for narrative point of view.
Isn't there some sort of standard of quality for books they make you read in english? Yikes.
i chose to read this book so that i would have read it before i saw the movie (Horrible compared to the book). I liked it, though.
i dont have a torrent program that works properly. i actually got a lot from sparknotes, and i dint realize before that dan brown actually has an excerpt from the beginning on his site.