ok so i tried this in the recording form but i didnt get any response, so i'd really love it if somebody could help me out...i'm trying to install cubase on my windows xp pc (with the system pack 2 installed), but it always freezes up and i dont know why...i heard about some patch from a guy at guitar center but i cant find it anywhere! this is so frustrating help would be much appreciated
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Check your RAM level. Cubase takes an ass load of RAM. Also, you might not have sufficient Hard-Drive space.

Does your computer crash or just freeze? A crash could be a result of the first two things I mentioned. A freeze could mean you have too slow of a processor, or that your computer just takes it in the butt.
well i mean i checked everything and it seems fine...it always freezes when it gets to a part loading with "fonts" or something....ill delete everything that i dont need...this is so frustrating thanks for at least responding