Well, I've been playing guitar for about 9 months or so... And, I figured it was time to try and attempt writing some sort of a song... I've been working for about an hour trying to come up with stuff.. and this is what I have so far that I put into Guitar Pro.. It also has a midi if you don't have GP. All criticism taken, as long as it doesn't consist of flaming. Thank you.
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i thought it was cool, with vocals that would make a pretty cool song, the only tip i have is to use the riff in bar 9 a few more times in a different key maybe? some modulation would make it more interesting.. but good work man
Thanks, I will try and work on it some more through tomorrow and see what I can come up with, hopefully I will get things going good Thanks for the help though, I probably could use that riff a few more times, I couldn't really think of what else to add in the intro thing there. Doing it in a different key never came to mind :P
I thought it was great and those riffs were pretty sweet. It harmonized perfectly and was great on the ear. Someday you may just be the next NovemberRain (UG Forum Legend lol)
wow my props for your first song. it was harmonized very well, and the riffs were pretty killer. with a solo and some vocals this would make a pretty damn good song
Wow man, nice job for a first song. My first sounded like that "Stacy's Mom" song haha, now that i think of it i'm ashamed of myself lol
It would better with drums and the rest of whaetevr a song has but oh well, still awesome.