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the stories of the most painful time of your life...For me it was when my appendix burst...yes burst...i was quite young but it was damn painful...
My ankle got caught, twisted, and had the skin torn off when it got caught in a bicycle wheel. I was about 9 when it happend. It was verrrrrrrrrrrry bad...
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rolling on 44 gallon drum and me and my friend slipped off and he landed on my ankle and tore the major ligaments then i whacked my head on another drum
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My ankle got caught, twisted, and had the skin torn off when it got caught in a bicycle wheel. I was about 9 when it happend. It was verrrrrrrrrrrry bad...
Lol, I had something similar happen to me.

I was too young to ride a bike, so I was riding in a small wagon tied to the back of a bigger kid's bicycle.

Needless to say, that wasn't a good idea. My knee left a trail of blood all the way to my house.
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Last year (first half of 2006). I won't go into detail.

Lol, that's really descriptive.

For me I'd say when I fell from a ladder trying to get in my house. I broke my arm and fractured my wrist.

^ I did that with my best friend when I was like 5. Ahhh, that's just not a good idea no matter how you do it.
me and my brother were playing catch with a cricket ball over about a 70 meter distance, i got distracted and the ball hit me right on the balls and followed through. the pain was so aweful i went in to shock, then vomited. my nuts went blue for a couple of days

top that
Dislocating AND breaking my pinky playing indoor soccer. The worst part was that it happened when we were warming up and I went on and played the entire game.

Either that or having an infected sweat gland lanced without local anaesthetic. There's just something about hearing a combination of sweat, blood and pus gurgling out of a deep slice to your armpit that is a bit disconcerting.
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Slamming my finger in a sliding car door when I was young.

Getting hit by a bicycle and having a huge chunk come out of my shin. You could see the bone and nerves. 21 stitches.
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Snapping my left leg in half then seeing it bent inwards at 90 degrees having to push it back...

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Nothing has been that painful that I can remember, I've got a massive pain tolerance and I'm lucky injury wise.
However, I bit my tongue in half when I was three or four, and I can imagine that probably tops anything else I've ever done.
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Quote by Nelsean
My ankle got caught, twisted, and had the skin torn off when it got caught in a bicycle wheel. I was about 9 when it happend. It was verrrrrrrrrrrry bad...

Same thing happened to me. When I was a kid most of my injuries involved my bike.
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When I made me husband angry -_-... oh wait, that was in a RP Game. xD

Depends... short term pain or long term pain?

Short Term Pain: When I luxated my ankle. My foot was purple for days.

Long Term Pain: When I hit my spinal columb in 3 places... couldn't stand down normally cause it was hell. Imagine sitting in class for 6-7 hours while being in terrible pain for months. It still hurts sometimes.

Other than that, I am pretty lucky. No terrible accidents. I also remember when I hit my head and I needed stitches. But I was too young to remember the pain.

* *
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uhhh, probably when i forgot to inject once when i was about 12, and my blood sugar went right up to 40. (it's meant to be between 3 and 9, lol). it was like, the worst headache you can imagine times twenty, coupled with lots of vomiting, my entire body aching and feeling so sore that to even touch me made me throw up more, my stomach was in absolute agony, i couldn't stand up it hurt so bad, i was literally screaming my head off in between vomiting, and then i got cramp in my stomach muscles from puking as well...yeeeah, that wasn't fun.
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me and my brother were playing catch with a cricket ball over about a 70 meter distance

Mine would be tearing some muscles in my foot, 3 weeks off school.

breaking my wrist while mountainbiking then going to hospital to get x-rays just to hear it's a bruising then walking around with it for 2 months having to suffer the pain, then going to the doctor more x-rays following day to hospital even more x-rays then a week later getting surgery cus the 2 pieces of bones we're about 4-5millimeters apart. that sucked big time....

high pain tolerance FTW i freakin broke it whyle taking a jump @ 35km/h which flung me opwards about a good 2,5-3 meters landed and snap! yeah it hurted but only a little. we should've sued the heck out of em
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About the LHC

hmm theres been a few

I'm a prime canidate for why the Ontario healthcare system needs heavy review

when i was 13 i went into the emerg complaining of abdominal pain...they said i had food poisoning sent mee home, back the next day saying it was worse...they said constipation shoved a suppository in my arse sent me home
back the next day saying i felt like my inside were eating ultrasound later and emergency surgercy to have my softball sized apendix ruptured during surgery...2 days later im discharged, 2 days after the im back getting a spinal tap to drain the poison out of my system from the appendix rupturing

outside that i shattered my thigh as a i dont remember much except celebrating my 4th birthday in the hospital and having to be pushed around in stroller for that halloween

recently, taking my brothers 78mph slapshot square in the testicles...i swore to god one of my balls was driven into my lower intestine from that shot
pulmonary embolison causing massive muscle death and muscle fissuring. muslce death is one of the most individual and im told worst pains you can experience. I spent alot of time knocked out anyways. I think I got of lucky, cause apparently in cases they have to put people in comas cause the chronic pain can kill them or cause permanent brain damage
erm... the time i ct my finger off in a door hurt like hell. luckily it was before i started playing guitar so it didn't really affect me to much. Although because i was in france at the time i had to go to french casualty and didn't understand a word. It was on a school trip and while i was all drugged up and unable to feel a thing i saw my teacher faint and nearly wet myself laughing....twas more than a little sore next day though
Hmm...let's see. When I was 9 years old I lived on a horse farm and was moving horses from one pasture to another and something spooked them. One of them freaked and kicked me straight in the stomach and I was thrown into the fence. I told my mom it didn't hurt that bad and didn't go to the hospital that night. The next day I felt woozy so my mom took me to the hospital. Turned out I had internal bleeding and a ruptured spleen that was almost shredded.

Well, the dr.'s at that hospital wouldn't touch me, so they sent me to a childrens hospital where they said I should have died overnight. They wanted to take out my spleen but decided against it at the last minute. Was there for 7 days before I was released. When I went back 8 weeks later the dr. thought it was a joke because my spleen didn't even have a scar on it.

Other than that, just a broken thumb. Then I guess there was also the hammer to the head (my fault) and my sister throwing a tennis racket at my head. All those when I was 4 or 5.
I'm gunna say impaling myself on my bike handlebars when I was 15. It went in a good 8 inches. The first pic is the scar, which doesn't really look too bad from the outside. The second pic was taken right off my back porch in Wyoming and the arrow points to the location where this all happened. Thats a couple miles and I had to walk while holding my intestines with my t-shirt.

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Broke my pinky toe.

No stairs for me.
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Snapping my left leg in half then seeing it bent inwards at 90 degrees having to push it back...

GAH that's like my worst nightmare!
2 times,

1. Twisting my ankle whilst playing Football, or soccer as Americans call it.. that was just damn nasty, it swelled like a mellon in seconds.. i heard a loud tear, thank god it didnt break..

2. Learning to play the guitar 6yrs ago, my fingers hurt..
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Playing basketball, went up for a rebound, someone jumped a split second after me, their knee interlocked in between my two legs and my balls and dick got absolutely crushed up against the bone above them, mother of god that was painful.
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Last year when I injured my back horseback riding.
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I got hit by a car while riding a bicycle, broke my pelvis in 10 places. I have 9 screws, a plate and a pin holding it all together now.
I broke my leg during hockey. Went into the boards feet first and it kinda twisted up behind me. This was just uhh...... about 3 months ago.
When I was about 14. I won't go into detail, but there was internal bleeding which makes it sound dramatic.
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Waking up from an operation on my eardrum. They cut my ear off to get near it (my ear canal is a funny shape from a growing too fast thing). I still have the stitches from it, this was in 1995 or something. The pain was bad, when I took the bandage off my hair was 6 foot in the air and stayed like that for a few days.

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When I died.
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My friends and I were playing golf, and I was standing behind one of them when they were swinging. The club hit me right in the head. I went into shock, and I thought I was okay. So I continued playing for a few minutes until my friend pointed out that I had blood gushing out of my head and the side of my face.
Either when my brother cracked my skull with a doorstop or when i was playing football and made a slide tackle and caught something sharp that left a massive gash down my entire leg.
When i got hit by a shard of a Katyusha (a rocket of some kind), that friggin hurts.
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