Daffodils for Delilah

My "I Will Follow You Into the Dark" cover by Death Cab for Cutie.

I did this at night, with just Goldwave and a karaoke microphone.
I know the guitar might be a little softer, but I used one microphone for vocals and guitar at the same time.
I don't know how to do both and put them together.

so, crit for crit.

Daffodils for Delilah.
Acoustic EP.
The vocals are way too fast. However, your voice, in terms of timbre, sounds pretty good. There are a few off notes, but nothing too distracting. The guitar is subtle enough, so it all works well, save for the aforementioned speed issue.

Overall, not bad.

And I love this song
Thank you.

I was expecting some kind of,
"Ew, you're horrible, go find a new hobby. Play chess."

But, thanks for your response.
I appreciate the feedback.
Daffodils for Delilah.
Acoustic EP.
Guitar work was excellent, you sound a shitload like the original vocalist, very similar tone. A few dead notes but aside from that i thought it was great.

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I don't think I do, IMO.

But, thanks.
Daffodils for Delilah.
Acoustic EP.
great song and great cover. Except for a few notes sounding a bit off to me I didnt really find anything bad about it and I enjoyed listening to it, there arent many covers I can truley enjoy listening to