today I got off the bus realising I left my wallet on the bus so I quickly rang the busways number and the guy told me to ring back, I got home and rang and the woman was a rude bitch and then didn't even take my number! so I rang AGAIN! and I got the first guy I talked to, he got the bus number wrong the first time, then lectured me telling me I should be more careful and again, he refused to take my number.

I realise its my responsibility for losing it but they could of at least tryed!

now I need to renew my licence! and Ive lost a whole bunch of money.

so who else hates busways or whatever its called in other countries? feel free to share stories haha.
well so do I but this happened to one of the times I haven't haha but it was worse because he didn't stop at the bus stop so we had to get up quick.
I always tap my right ass cheek to see if I have my wallet on me constantly.
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I always tap my right ass cheek to see if I have my wallet on me constantly.

same, i do it so much its subconcious.
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I keep my wallet in the front pockets so if it falls out I will feel it.
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My 'rents force me to chain my wallet to me since I lost mine...

flickr you might
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haha yeah I'm usually so careful It must of just been the rush off the bus that made me not check but I just hate there attitude.