I'd like to know what you guys look for in the preamp of a bass guitar.

I also like to know your opinions and comments on 3 band EQ, is it really necessary? Does it come as a bonus? Will you be fine with 2 band EQ?

Thx in Advance
3 band will help imensely, the bigger the better as you ahve more modelling.
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my sub 4 has an eq of 2 and it sounds fantastic. Okay compare to an actual 3 band stingray and you'll be able to tell the difference but its pretty good
They compensate 2-bands for not having a third band by raising the bass frequency (like from my Fender's 40Hz to my Warwick's 100Hz) and lowering the treble frequency (like 8kHz on my Fender and 2kHz on my Warwick). I think a 3-band EQ is dead eassential anas boosting/cutting mids is a very important feature. Also, there exist some preamps that actually let you choose the mid frequency, and that is even better.
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I look for a preamp that has power. The Bartolini I currently have doesn't give me the power I want.

I need a preamp that I can make a minute knob change and feel a big difference. If I have to have the knob full on to feel the bass, than the preamp is crap.

Three band is very nice to have on most basses. I do most of my tweaking on the mid knob, and a bit of bass boost, if any. The treble is usually left flat.
i think a 3 band EQ is a a great asset. if ur purchasing a base with active EQ chances are its at 500+ and if ur already spendig that much i'd spend a bit more for the 3 band. if u ask me, mid control is the most essential part of the sound spectrum.

i'd prefer a 4 band EQ but that doesnt show up on most basses.
4 band EQ is nice, but what's really cool is a variable mid knob... literally, it's like having a wah pedal on your bass!
I don't particularly mess with my preamp, because I use the graphic EQ on my amp to compensate for anything.

Otherwise, I'd reccomend at least a 3-band EQ, especially since you might not always plug into an amp with a good EQ (going direct into the PA). The PA board can otherwise change settings on the bass as well, but a 3-band EQ is always useful.
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if you have a graphic EQ on your amp it's probably not necessary to have a 3 band preamp but since i don't have one of these i love my 3band eq. i'm thinking about getting a boss bass equalizer pedal to play with the tone more but being able to quickly change tone right on your bass is essential if you like a versatile sound and especially if you wanna change tones in the middle of a song.
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I find there are a lot of nice basses out on the market. e.g. Schecters, Ibanez SRX series. these basses appeal to me yet they dont have absolutely great onboard preamps...

I am nearly 17, and am considering a new bass that is in the mid price range. I never thought the on board EQ was that necessary. I haven't got quite to the stage of performing gigs but I do jam with friends and play at my church

If you don't really intend to change your sound much onstage is the EQ really that necessary especially when you have a graphic EQ on your amp?