Okay... So I was taking the trucks off my board to put on my newer one. And I found a little problem, I seem to have kind of worn out the hole for the allen key to go in on one of the bolts. It'll turn a bit, but then just skip. So I need to know some ways of getting this bolt out, thanks!
What size wrench are you using? it could be just barely the wrong size, it could be standard instead of metric or vice versa, other than that I would think you would have to drill it out, which would suck.
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I've got one of those adjustable wrenches, and the allen-key is the perfect size... Anyway, I ended up getting it out, I had to bend it... but its still usably... Even if it wasn't usable I just would've skated with 3 bolts on one truck =]
i know what ur talkin about and there really bloody hard to get out i had that happen to me well done on gettin it out.