I know the 'How do I improvise a solo' question has been asked many times.

I can solo, but since i am following the pentatonic scale it always ends up sounding bluesy.

Is there a scale that is good to follow when trying make a punkish solo, or should i just find a bunch of combinations that sound good and put it all together?

with punk, try not to do it so rythmically, try just playing the notes of a scale and not bending so much, because i assume you can bend
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I think bending is the problem. When i solo i tend to bend to much IMO.

thanks for you advice
ionian, lydian, mixolydian. anything without a flat 3rd
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ionian, lydian, mixolydian. anything without a flat 3rd

heh, i cant play either of those but i will look them up

I was about to say major, but that's ionian. So if you know major, that'll work.
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