post links to all your metal and hard rock songs here and then in two weeks (27 of march) we all vote for the top 3

*edit* please say what song you want judged

entry one: Retro Sphere, Murdered By Numbers
entry two: Verdugo - Memory in Stone
entry three: azazel - devoured
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I'll enter.
Retro Sphere, Murdered By Numbers

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Check out my stuff at www.myspace.com/azazelmetal Im new at recording so dont expect professional recording. But check it out anyways. Hope you enjoy.by the way what your going to hear are my first recordings and there all just improvised in 2-3 hours all one night at a time. thanks for your support.hope you take a minute out of your time to click my link and bang your head.
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I'll enter diss shits..
let me record..
if this is still going on

yah its still going on but.... english next time?

also post a link to ur music
Hmmm, well, we'll classify under Hard Rock.

Band: American Son Down
Song: Takeover


edit: that is...if this thing isn't already over...
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Bastards in Blue

Band: Bastards in Blue
Song: Not My Life
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