Surfing With The Alien
The Extremist
Always With Me, Always With You
Day At The Beach (New Rays From An Ancient Sun)
Summer Song
If I Could Fly
Chords of Life
Ten Words
The Souls Of Distortion
One Big Rush
Crushing Day
Flying In A Blue Dream
Saying Goodbye
The Forgotten (Part 2)
Starry Night
It's So Good
Rubina's Blue Sky Happiness
Raspberry Jam Delta-V

Edit: I think I'm done, because I really like this one. Everything just works so well, I love it.

Whatddya think, Satch fans? Like, if a friend asked you to make a mix CD with Satriani songs because he never heard him before, that sort of thing.

optional irrelevant outdated stuff:
[size="1"]I wanted it to be as accessible, and as representative, as it could be, but I also wanted it to stand out on it's own, and have good flow while still showing off his songwriting and (secondly) playing talents. I can see a pattern definitely, the first half being more happier, slightly more uptempo pop songs, a slight part in the middle with heavier material, and closing off with emotional-heavy material. I especially like how the Day at the beach/Summer Song grouping blends, and also how The Extremist adds a little hard rock blues flair to the introduction. I was iffy on Up In 
As you can see, I spent quite a bit of time on this (you can ridicule me now v_v). Flames coming right after Summer Song, but then I took it out and If I Could Fly just sagged everything down. Ten Words/One Big Rush just worked for some strange reason, because of the entirely contrasting styles, and it following into the emotional yet heavy Souls, which again went into another heavy and high-energy (but not too high) Crushing Day. I lvoe how Time adds a bit of NOTE flavour to it, very representative. The whole middle section was hard to decide...but then I found that Time's suddenly calm outro segued into Flying perfectly, and that led into the Forgotten/Cryin'/Saying Goodbye/Starry Night group which I love. A Piece of Liquid works more or less for just a nice outro, because I don't like how, and it isn't too soft (like ZZs song) or sad (Saying Goobye) or heavy with emotion (Rubina, Until We Say Goodbye (although who knows)). 

All in all, it still is very poppy, which I think is good for this, but of course, tons of fantastic inclusions and exclusions can still be made, and even entirely different playlists, so...

EDIT: Took out Up In Flames. Blended with Summer Song too much, didn't segue to If I Could Fly well (too much blues).
EDIT: Also switched One Big Rush and Souls. Souls+Ten Words may be a bit too similar, but they're different enough, it still works out.
Edit: Man, the end sags too much. Too much of the same tempo, same style, etc. I put the Mixo-Happy Hill Groove in there after Starry Night. It works very well because it's a very spacious song production-wise but still has a great chorus, resolves nicely. I ended it with the other mixo-happy Raspberry Jam Delta-V acts as a deceptively odd outro, because it's so high-energy but more crazier then Hill Groove.. I needed it to resolve back to what it was in the beggining.

I don't know why I posted this topic...[/SIZE]
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I wouldnt have picked all of those ones but very good list, as the above guy said, satch boogie. Some MUST haves are basically the surding with the alien album, the extremist album and (the song) flying in a blue dream :p Satches best work. Oh and the mystical potato head groove thing.
Yay for posting things in the wrong forum.

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Satch Boogie might fit, but it's unrepresentative as it doesn't have any melody at all and has an uncommon song structure, although it might still fit in place of Up In Flames, or after The Extremist because of all the blues. That and I don't even like the song.

And thanks for moving it!

Mystical...is good for some cheerful Mixo rock, but I really dislike the solo section, so definitely not in there.
Raspberry Jam I would've loved, but I wouldn't know where to put it. I even thought of putting it right on the end, but it's more cheerful then energetic.
New Blues...I love the song, and I wanted to put it on the end too, but it's just so slow and atmospheric it would just sag down the whole bottom end. Hmmm...
Into The Light...another great Flying inclusion, but again, what this song would do is what Starry Night does...a sense of release from The Forgotten/Cryin'/Saying Goodbye. So I wouldn't know...
Rubina...this might work at the end, but perhaps it'll just be too much emotion for the bottom end.
Until We Say Goodbye...this just won't work at the end, it's too 'big' of a song. If it would have to fit somewhere it would take the place of Cryin', and that's a masterpeiece so hell naw.

Even just looking at the albums, theres tons of stuff...but this I feel is a pretty good list.
No Crushing Day...! whenever i make a Satch mix it HAS to have Crushing Day.
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It does have Crushing Day.

I'm thinking of putting Circles behind Time, but the whole 'eerie' sound might be overdone. So I'll leave it out.

I'm still really iffy on the ending. Hill Groove/Raspberry/etc. I don't know how to end it. Hill Groove is great, but it's too sparse in production and bluesy (albeit mixo), making it all to similar to Starry Night. Raspberry Jam is great, but the fact that every verse is a solo might make it too sporadic and hard to latch onto. So I don't know.
I already explained that. The whole 'offbeat' solo section is simply too disorienting, and the mixo-rock would be too overdone.

If I just wanted to make a 'most recognizable hits' with like 10 or so songs, then that would be easy. But that's simply not what I'm doing.

The Extremist
Summer Song
Satch Boogie
Always With Me

Obviously nobody's stopping you, though.
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^ I don't know, where would you think it would fit?

Maybe after Crushing Day or something, but then it would be just too much of the same (or at least something like Lights of Heaven would work better, that's actually not a bad idea). It doesn't really have all that of a distinctive mood or anything either. If the only reason it's going to be there because it's the first track of one of his most popualr albums then, well, no bite.
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