Anyone else notice the picture of the Sevendust article and the Nickelback article look the exact same on the front page?
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There's been a thread about this already.

Good observation though, I never noticed, partly because I'm a forum *****.

flickr you might
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Yeah, I was thinking that earlier.
The guy from Sevendust looks like a more scrawny, teenager brother of Chad or something.
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*runs away from the craziness*
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yeah that was trippy... i used to be a MAJOR Nickelback fan (hence the user name) but as i got better at guitar, i realised that the're not that good. they suck the **** at solo's. :O

so yeah, i'm like 'hey its chad! wait no... it isn't... hey it's chad! *loser*'

and then i found the pit.
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Omg! And They Both Look Like Jesus!

2nd Coming Of Jesus Everyone! Omg!

2nd AND 3rd coming of Jesus...

EDIT: of all the artists to tribute dime...NICKELBACK!?!?!
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I was going to mention this myself, but thought it was just me....
Damnit I missed it, screenshot?
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