Parkour----ever heard of this????...if not...then go to parkour.net------this is a very cool stuff...thoughts about it????
Yeah it's pretty awesome.
Sort of pointless but it would be a sick way to keep fit.
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I don't really do it but it's pretty big in my town. In the school down the road from me they have training sessions in the gym and websites and stuff
Crazy stuff. Probably really fun once you do it a couple times, but you have to be in amazing shape. And I would probably not want to screw up whatsoever.
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It's poorman's skating
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I love parkour/freerunning...I get an awesome buzz from it. Especially good when you do it with someone else. Not many places to do it around here but the places I've conquered have been pretty good. Love it!
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used to do this, but Ive got a bit lazy since then. very fun, many injuries.
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Its a good way to keep fit.

Only downside - hand injuries which **** up your guitar playing.

But its great fun and easy to pick up.

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It's poorman's skating

Skaters cant scale vertical surfaces/climb with the board.
ive done it before, its great fun, having the skills to do all that stuff also makes running from the cops a lot easier.
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I can do some stuff like dash vaults, tic tac toes and monkeyflips etc, but not a massive fan of parkour tbh
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Parkour rocks! Thank god i havent got any injuries. Love getting on rooves Got a police chase 2 weeks ago :]
Looks like alot of fun, i run 4 miles every other day, so i guess im in shape. But Americans would find it to look ridiculous . stupid american culture.
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cool stuff, I saw a thread about this yesterday...
I wish I had the guts to jump off buildings, I think I'll keep it with skateboarding.
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I love it, did it a few times with a friend of mine and even attended a small parkour gathering in a town near me. Unfortunally there's little to no cool spots in my own town. On top of that it's dangerous...and the flips (even though they aren't part of true parkour) appeal to me the most. I learned how to do front flips in my yard, but it putted a lot of strain on my shins...kinda backed out of it now.

Like someone pointed out hand unjuries don't mix with guitar.
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Looks like alot of fun, i run 4 miles every other day, so i guess im in shape. But Americans would find it to look ridiculous . stupid american culture.

Would they? I don't think it looks ridiculous.
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