Has anyone heard of the 80's metal band Loudness who became none for there once famous song Crazy Nights covered by the great Therion? Well in this band is guitar extrordinaire Akira Takasaki. His playing is incredible i recommend downloading loudness and listening to this madman on the fretboard. His style is a mix between Randy Rhoads and EVH.

Here is the live song S.D.I with an incredible solo and the great song Soldier of Fortune



check these videos out
The most talented man on earth...
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the tapping part of the solo of soldier of fortune sounded weird..but after tat....wow...

tat guy is good
yea he actually played with takasaki a few times live. Thats a site to see
The most talented man on earth...
Yep he's an awesome guitarist. I first heard a tape (yes a music cassette tape) of his band Loudness in the late '80s. Probably before half of you guys were even born lol.
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all his solo's on the "Thunder In the East" album are ****ing amazing. favorites of his are "Heavy Chains" "The Lines Are Down" and "Like Hell."
he's awesome
Youtube covers

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Err, that first video has one of the worst tones ever?..

Yeah I was thinking that. I'm really not too big on the guy, or Loudness.
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you people are daft

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Akira Takasaki is considered by many of his peers to be one of the best -- if not the fastest -- guitarists of his ilk and in his genre. Eddie VH, after seeing this guy play "Exploder" (Takasaki's good-natured response to Eddie's "Eruption"') at the Toronto (Shred) Frest. (later the Toronto Musician & Entertainer's Convention '81) said, jokingly but also meaning it "I'm just glad this guy isn't opening for me and can't speak English, jesus . . ."

Even the soulless guitar jocks of today -- the Malmsteems etc. -- aren't faster or cleaner.

Ulrich Roth, Eddie, Lynch, Vai, Stevens, Rhodes, Gerardo, Wilde, no one.

DiMiola, Carlton, Parkening, Arantes, Ritenour, not even they.

This guy's almost in a league of his own with these ridiculous, jaw-dropping fills and riffs that make other players say, "Enough, cut it out. Okay, I give I give!"

Akira Takasaki, (not me just my user name), no one can touch the guy.

As for the band, they're tight. Real tight.

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I've gotta disagree with our Akira fanboy here. I would go far enough to say that Buckethead could eat him alive, but the guy can toast most anyone.

As for Loudness, I've been a huge fan for a while. After their Thunder in the East album, they kind of went downhill, going through constant lineup changes until they reunited the original band and released Racing in 2005, I think. Racing was the best album they had put out in years but still wasn't up to their old standards. Their latest album "Breaking the Taboo" comes close to topping Disillusion in my mind as their best album ever. Period. Akira is not only faster than ever, but he's also playing more creatively and his runs are no longer scary...they introduce some new level of guitar horror. Amazing band and in my opinion, second best guitarist in Japan. Fastest for sure.