hey i got line 6 tone port ux2 and i recorded a song and i want to convert it from wave sound to mp3 sound , help on how?
i use this freeware program called ImTOO Audio Encoder... basically it takes your saved file and makes a copy of it in mp3 form, or w/e format you like... but you can also use other various programs that do the same thing... another one i've used is goldwave, which is also like a cheap mixer
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I use a free program called JYHMN (try typing that into google). I think its geared more to itunes files, but im sure theres a way to tweek it around
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You can by using a program called Audiocity or sumfin, also Wavepad is pretty good
music match jukebox and nero both have audio encoders that will do the job...you might even already have one of those
Why don't you just use iTunes?
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