Hi all, im new to the forums and new to the whole custom guitar stuff hehe, was just wondering what body i should use to make a custom guitar and then go from there. I currently have a stock epiphone flying V and a epiphone firebird VII stock, and was looking to broaden my range in a collection of guitars. I am either looking for a very nice clean guitar sound, or a very distorted sound, and was wondering perhaps which body resonated this at a reasonable price, hopefully for sale on ebay? or a local australian online store? any takers?


I think there are some ash hollow Tele bodys on ebay australia for $119 at the mo if u fancied something a bit diffrent. Or if your after curves someone is selling mahogany les paul bodys for $139.

Sorry, don't know any guitar makers out that way apart from Maton. Man I'd love 1 of there acoustics, can't afford to import em though :-(
Well if you want to make your own body, I think the best choice would be a tele since its a very simple design with no body contours, perfect for a first project, also it will be a more "fenderish" guitar, because I can tell you have an all Gibson style collection. Also, I think telecasters have a very clean sound, with a lot of "twang". But you can make it sound very distorted, just use heavier pickups.
I was thinking more along the lines of the les paul type body, or a jackson style body. Or as a completely differnt option what would your opinion be on getting a les paul template or other template and modifying to a new shape?
That tele idea doesnt sound to bad either if i can find the materials to build one for hopefully about300-500$ might do.
I'd go with the Tele suggestion. It will give you a completely different tone from the guitars you already have and, as Thewongster stated, its a simple style that lends itself well to a first build.