Hey, I need advice on new strings for my Stingray.

I got the standard Ernie Balls on it when i bought it over xmas, but the G-string broke only after 3 weeks of playing. Luckily I had some DR High-Beams (40-100) handy, so changed the whole set and fell in love.

Unfortunately, 3 months later (number 3 keeps coming up) my G has broke again, so I need a replacement. I am worried that I'll keep having to splash out £25 each time my G goes to buy a whole new set, so I want to either...

1) Find out what's wrong wiv my bridge saddle (where they both broke.)

2) Get some longer-lasting strings

3) Get some strings that are sold as single-strings (ie. Rotosound or D'addario XL Pro Steels).

If 2) or 3), then what should I buy that's near to the DR's.

I play in a band centred around rock, but playing many different styles mixed in. (ie. Inspirations from RHCP and GNR, plus other funk, punk and fusions)

Hence I want something wiv the bright but not tinny treble, smooth mids and growling bass of the DR's with the playability too, if they're 40-100 gauge.

Thanks for reading... Any Ideas?
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Sort your bridge out, you may need to file down the bridge saddles if they're a little rough. Then get yourself some Ernie Ball Hybrid Slinkies.


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Not an accusation, but perhaps you popped close to the bridge? With any reasonable force, this is a sure way to break strings.

Elixirs maybe?
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3 months!!?!

Thats about the average time for someone who plays alot.
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3 months!!?!

Thats about the average time for someone who plays alot.

Yeah, I break strings about that often if I go easy on them
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40's are awfully light. Maybe try some 50's (or 45's if you're into Rotosounds).
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