Yeah man, I hear ya. I live in Indiana, 70's today and then near freezing by the end of the week. The weather is F'd up. I'll tell ya what kind of mother Mother Nature is...A damn child abuser! Mother Nature: "Hey there...here's a nice day." Us: "Thanks mother nature!" Mother Nature: "What'd you say to me! *SMACK*"
ha HA! 70's thru the week, bitches!

God I love the South!
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Yeah, the weather around here is really dumb. It really should make up its mind about what damn season it is.
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y dont you guys come down to Hampton Roads, VA... i live in Virginia Beach and the weather is always like that... every year... i mean we dont really have a fall or spring too much... it just goes back and forth between summer and winter for a few months...
I'm going to be enjoying a high of 60 today! And then I think it will be going back down to the mid 30s later this week... but I am soo ready for spring. Can't wait.
lol your weather sucks.

It's gunna be like 70 all week here too, must be the south go Louisiana!!!! lawl.
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17 degrees celsius as a high today...which is the mid to upper 60s in F if i'm not mistaken.

Yeah....I'm wearing shorts today.