I just quickly wrote up a progressive-ish song today with the Liquid Tension Experiment and the more innovative side of Dream Theater on mind. My friends are telling me it sounds like video game music. Its more piano based.


Edit: I fixed/added a few small things and i replaced the last part but im still not doin bass yet lol
LTE Influenced.zip
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Hmm, Well I enjoyed it. I really liked bars 12-15, that little section is quite nice, and the ending was well put together. It feels like the whole song was well thought out. But, the only thing that I think really needs fixing is that part you use in bar 4, and I think is used again in bar 18... It just doesn't fit very well, like it's out of key or something. I think if you fix that one minor problem it would be a pretty kick ass song.

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thanks for the crit ill get to yours in a min

i fixed it at bars 4 and 18 but im not going to repost just for that so ignore that if ur giving a crit
haha, that was awesome. loved it all the way through, no reall problems with it.
the likes of Bar 4, sounds great on it's own but together with the backing parts, it sounds a bit out of place. I would suggest changing the rhythm parts to suit that melodies needs.
That's the only thing i could find, very well written and it ended perfectly. I loved it.
Don't know where you're friends got the video game impression though

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EDIT: damn, just read you're post above, there is nothing really wrong with it elsewhere though.
I thought that was really cool! i loved that part starting with bar 32, i really liked the time changes it was very well done! the beginning did sound kinda like video game music, but there is nothing wrong with that... i dunno how i felt about the outro, it felt a lil different compared ti the rest, But overall, i really liked it check out mine if you want or havnt yet!