Hallo all, I just a question.
For all you Nirvana fans, why the **** do you liek nirvana, well, Kurt cobain. He is a total ****tard! So why do you like him... tell me.
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personally, Nirvana was appealing to me at a time in my life where i could really relate to kurt cobains music. but thats just me..ps. you like korn. NUFF SAID.
that's just like asking anyone why they like the music they do! they just do!

Pointless thread really


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Cobain>Davis end of story. Now I am one to think Nirvana is among one of the most overrated bands ever, but I mean he supposedly knew nothing of guitar playing and managed to write those songs. Either that's skill or just the drugs.

Probably a combo of the two.

But either way, Cobain will always be better than Davis, always.
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i hate linkin park but i dont go around and post a thread about it on UG. if you like a certain band, you like it. if you dont, who CARES!!
you'll soon discover that not everyone is the same as you and people enjoy different things. until then, don't ask silly questions.
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