Have you guys seen these things?
i know its not strictly a guitar thing but shiiiiit i want one.

has anyone managed to use one? are they that good? how well can you apply it to guitar? whats the sampling like etc, etc.

if anyones got any answers i would appreciate it

peace out
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Well it takes a lot of work to actually fit one to a guitar, you need to change the wiring and stuff, I have a friend who's researched it and they told me you can easily fuck up your guitar by doing it.

They are amazing though I'll agree with that. Matt Bellamy from Muse has one apparently.

Search it on youtube. They have a few videos about it.
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I can't be bothered to go on the Korg website, but I think the Kaoss 3 only has midi and usb connections (no audio/phono jacks).

Might be a different case with the earlier Kaoss pads though.
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nah, i think its cool for guitar. it has a 1/4" mic input and a phono out.
i wouldnt mod my guitar to accomodate it, and i could use it for djing anyway, but if its good for guitar too, id definately get one.
--------------------i'm definitely the alphaest male here--------------------