Can any1 tell me why.......

i practise for about 5 hours or more a day...and i started gettin a lot better than i was. then after picking up sweep picking and tapping i was still getting better. but now i still practise the same amount but i seem to be getting worse....my fingers just aren't going where i want them 2....

duz n e body know y this is?

Sometimes, you might hit what is commonly known as "the wall". Just keep playing, you might not feel very creative or not too happy with your skills at times, but if you keep on playing itll go away eventually. The wall is a pain in the ass, but I think its like a test of seriousness.
Any number of reasons:

-You're not pushing yourself as you were in the past
-Your technique is flawed, causing a bottleneck in your training
-You're getting frustrated by a common plataeu, thus creating tension causing you to play worse.

At first, you will make phenominal gains. Eventually you will begin to plataeu, with gains coming in minimal doses. This is common in human anatomy.

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