I just received the graphite nut for the neck I'll be using on my build and while trying to remove the current nut from the neck, the wood strated chipping off. I can't take any photo's of this because my camera is sh!t on focussing:S

I read up about this and people will most likely tell me to score the edges of the nut to remove any finish or heat up the piece to melt the glue. Actually I already did score around the nut and it didn't do much, while tapping the nut off, the wood chipped anyways. Also I should mention that the neck is stripped from any finish, so it is now bare wood, that leaves doubts about heating up the nut ... won't the wood warp or be damage in some way?

Anyway please let me know if there are any other ways I can keep on removing the nut without further damaging the neck, and, if that doesn't work, how do I go along in reparing any chipped wood.

Thanks in advance!
The nut is glued down. Just take it off, remove the peices of wood and glue them back.

What kind of guitar is it, anyway?
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I don't know if I can help it.

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