Maturity in the Norm


Verse I

Normality seems to have over shot me.

The only one, I seem to be.

I protest this destiny chosen.

Am I expected to pay this fee?

I refuse!

Verse II

Angst and hormones do no change them.

Out of them, I shine like a gem.

I cannot stand to be seen like this.

Is it possible for me to ascend?

I'm confused!


To have no guilt,

To have no reservations!

My tower is built,

Envy filled, with preparations.

Jealousy is controlling,

It's pure form, never showing.

Verse III

Mundane experiences are what I want,

But my collection of them is gaunt.

I want to be normal in my eyes.

Of course, their's, they do not flaunt.

I'm defused!


This is not my fault.

It's not your's either.

Time to end this.

Chorus x 2

Verse IV

The end will never come,

Even though, it's believed by some.

I'm giving up on my wishes.

They seem very dumb.

No longer subdued!

I wrote this one a while ago, so I don't remember what people seemed to think about it. I think I could have done better with it.
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